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Open-source operating system MINIX 3

Minix 3.1.4 r4817 snapshot ISO
New Minix 3.1.4 r4817 snapshot ISO: http://www.minix3.org/download/minix3_1_4_ide_r4817.iso

mirror: http://www.minix3.ru/image/minix3_1_4_ide_r4817.iso

Wallpapers for MINIX 3

3.1.4 - 4203 snapshot released
In preparation for the next official release, a snapshot of 4203 has been put up on the download page. the direct link to the ISO is

See the announcement thread (http://groups.google.com/group/minix3/browse_thread/thread/29e99146781465a2) for the 'release' announcement, and for further updates.

Please try it out and enjoy :)

MINIX 3 Accepted for GSoC
Google has accepted the MINIX 3 project for the Summer of Code!

If you are a student and would like to work on MINIX 3 this summer and
be paid for it, please go to


to see some ideas for projects. Please note that to convince us that
you are the right person to select, we want to see some evidence that
you have installed MINIX 3 and done something to demonstrate your
enthusiasm and skills, such as porting a program or something else.

The Google page listing the projects is at